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Unleash the power of your Yo-kai Watch!

Your Yo-kai Watch will let you see and battle Yo-kai causing mayhem around town.

Make friends with Yo-kai, then assemble a team to help your friends and neighbors in the town of Springdale.


I spy Yo-kai

There are over 200 types of Yo-kai lurking in the shadows around town. Do you have what it takes to find them all?

Check your Yo-kai Radar

Is the needle twitching on your Yo-kai Watch? That means a Yo-kai is near!

Look through your Lens

If you find anything suspicious, press Y to use the Yo-kai Lens to take a closer look.

Look what you found!

It's a Yo-kai! If you impress him in battle (or if you bribe him with the right treats) he might give you his Yo-kai Medal.

Team up and take 'em on

It takes more than just strong Yo-kai to win a battle. You also need a smart strategy!

Be a good Yo-kai coach

Your Yo-kai do most of the battling themselves, but you can help them in four important ways:



Unleash the ultimate Yo-kai moves.


Help your Yo-kai focus on a certain foe, or a weak spot on a boss.


If your Yo-kai gets Inspirited in battle, heal it and gain extra experience points.


Use items you've collected to help your team or to get an opponent to like you.

Team chemistry

Yo-kai from the same tribe fight better together, but they must be next to each other to unleash their combined Unity power, so chose their place on your Yo-kai Watch carefully.

Taking on the big baddies

You'll need to use all of your strategizing skills against the super strong Yo-kai bosses. Often times, though, these seemingly unbeatable baddies will have a glaring weakness you can exploit.

UnbeatableSkillsWatch for the baddies!
Yo-kai won't give medals to just anyone!

A token of friendship

When you become friends with a Yo-kai, they give you their Medal, which you can use to call on them for help. Yo-kai won't give Medals to just anyone, of course. You've got to prove your worthiness, either by doing them a favor or impressing them in battle. Sometimes you can even earn their respect by giving them their favorite treats!

Call on them for help
Prove your worthiness

Quite a collection

You can only hold 6 Medals in your Yo-kai Watch at a time. The rest are stored in your Medallium, a coin book that serves as a Yo-kai encyclopedia.


Cash in those coins

Remember when you first met Whisper in the Crank-a-kai machine? Well, he wasn't the only Yo-kai locked in there!

Collect Crank-a-kai coins to use in the machine for a chance to get valuable items or even Yo-kai, some of which are super hard to find.

Wondering where to find these fabulous coins? Many of them can be found around town in treasure chests, but you can get them other ways too.

You can use up to 3 Crank-a-kai coins a day, so head to the Sacred Tree (located in the northern part of Springdale) and get cranking!


Sensational swag!

You can get some really cool stuff from the Crank-a-kai machine.
Here are just a few examples.

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Get coins with your QR Code®

Hasbro toys


Select Hasbro toys come with a Yo-kai Medals that has a QR Code you can scan for a Crank-a-kai coin. Head to the Piggleston Bank to scan the code and exchange it.

YouTube videos


You can also find QR Code patterns at the end of select Yo-kai YouTube videos.

Scanning a QR code

Scanning a QR code is easy!

Talk to a receptionist at Piggleston Back and select "Read QR Code". Align the QR Code so that it fits within the dotted line and your Nintendo 3DS system will automatically scan it in.

More ways to crank it up

Exchange passwords

Enter Passcodes

You can exchange passwords for Crank-a-kai coins at the Lambert Post Office. Here's one to get you started:


Play Coins

Use Play Coins

Ran out of Crank-a-kai coins? No worries, the Crank-a-kai also accepts Play Coins, which are earned by taking steps with your Nintendo 2DS or Nintendo 3DS system in Sleep Mode. 10 Play Coins will earn you one capsule from the machine, so get steppin'!


All aboard the Mirapo Express

Once you befriend Mirapo in-game, you can fast travel to certain destinations throughout Springdale - like Piggleston Bank and Lambert Post Office.

Power-up your Yo-kai

There are several not-so-secret techniques to transform your Yo-kai into a more powerful persona.


Mr. Zen, the monk in Shoten Temple, can fuse certain Yo-kai together to make a new, powerful combo.

Combine Jibanyan and Roughraff to create the supercool bad kitty Baddinyan.


Some Yo-kai can even be fused with everyday objects. Try different combos to unlock rare Yo-kai!

Combine Chansin with the blade to unleash the legendary swordsman Yo-kai Sheen.


The more your Yo-kai battle, the more experience they gain. Once they reach a certain level, some Yo-kai will evolve into a new, improved version of themselves!