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YO-KAI WATCH is even more fun with friends

After you've mastered the basics in the YO-KAI WATCH game, several fun modes will unlock. Try them all!

Nintendo 3DS
New Nintendo 3DS

Battle your buddies

Test your Yo-kai team against your friends in battle over local wireless to gain experience and improve your rank*.

Lambert Post Office

Post office pals

Head to Lambert Post Office to challenge friends to matches and get special items.

Select your Battle Stage

Pick Your Place

Select your Battle Stage. There are locations like the Colosseum that you can only play here.

Paws of Fury

Smile and Say "Cheeksqueek" with Yo-kai Cam

Title screen

Select Yo-kai Cam from the title screen and use the Nintendo 3DS camera to snap pictures of Yo-kai who are Inspiriting people. You might even earn a special reward!

Use the Nintendo 3DS camera to snap pictures of Yo-kai

Share the love—and the Yo-kai

Talk to the Landlord of Wayfarer Manor to activate the StreetPass feature. Soon, wandering Yo-kai might start showing up in Wayfarer Manor, bringing gifts. You might even get a chance to battle them!


Wayfarer Manor

Home away from home

Many Yo-kai pass through Wayfarer Manor on their travels.

You met Cadable!

Meet Yo-kai

Look! You met Cadable!


Get gifts

Cadable has a gift for you. I wonder what it is?